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Mood Light

A truly interactive solution without the need of complex Configuration

Electronic walls and ceilings with interchangeable LED panels would allow you to change room lighting at a whim, in a new design proposed today. The modular panels snap in and out of an electrical grid so light “fixtures” can be moved anywhere. The use of automatic light dimming is an aspect of smart lighting that serves to reduce energy consumption.

Mood Light Motion is an attractive solution that provides an interactive experience and adds a creative element for interior designs.

Lighting Control

Employed to maximize the energy savings from the lighting system

A lighting control system is an intelligent network based lighting control solution that incorporates communication between various system inputs and outputs related to lighting control with the use of one or more central computing devices. Lighting control systems are widely used on both indoor and outdoor lighting of commercial, industrial, and residential spaces. Lighting control systems serve to provide the right amount of light where and when it is needed. Lighting control systems are employed to maximize the energy savings from the lighting system, satisfy building codes, or comply with green building and energy conservation programs. Lighting control systems are often referred to under the term Smart Lighting.

Curtain Control

Let your blinds and shading look after themselves

The UIT Smart Home is infinitely flexible and adapts to you and your individual needs. Regardless of whether you have blinds, curtains or roller shutters, you can integrate them into your smart home.

Controlling your Smart Home is as simple as it is smart. You only need one Touch switch to control your blinds, lighting and music in each room. Using two corners of the Touch for “Blinds Up” and “Blinds Down”, you can manually operate and adjust your blinds at any time.

Weather Control

Goal of the weather control is to generate a moderate climate

The control strategy to achieve this goal is:

If it is a hot summer day then Control mode REJECT (The Building Automation system controls the blinds and vents such that the temperature in the atrium is as low as possible). If it is a cold winter day then Control mode COLLECT (The Building Automation system controls the blinds and vents such that the temperature in the atrium is as high as possible). If it is a hot summer day then the Building Automation system controls the lamellae so that no direct sun light enters the building and it switches on the natural ventilation during night. If it is a cold winter day then the Building Automation system controls the lamellae so that the sun light enters the building and it does not switch on the natural ventilation during night.

Logic Control

Automated Logic makes buildings easier to operate and control

The control strategy to achieve this goal is:

Our expertise in systems integration enables us to translate the complex language of protocols, networks, routers, and web technologies into practical management tools – tools that ensure effective building performance with user-friendly systems, critical trend data, management level reports, and more.The design is done – the system integration plan is in place. Automated Logic Pittsburgh is the only resource in the area that has the expertise and practical knowledge to assure a complete and responsive execution.

Human Centric Lighting

Intended to promote a person's well-being, mood and health.

Human Centric Lighting applications require the effects of light on humans to be considered in lighting design. Next to design guidelines and recommendations how to realize human centric lighting, it is essential to provide a suitable metric to assess quantity and quality of light with respect to its non-visual effects. Recent research has examined lighting variables of color temperature, and illumination for affecting sleep, mood, focus, motivation, concentration, and work and school performance.

Sound Therapy

Change your brain … change your life!

The LAW OF ATTRACTION states by focusing on either positive or negative thoughts, a person is able to bring positive or negative experiences into their life. However, if you are not achieving the results as you consciously apply this law, it’s important to realize that improvement in the law of attraction lies hidden in the five octaves of your voice. With this in mind, we have developed a sound therapy algorithm that measures frequency from the harmonics of your voice. We call it your Voice Code. This Sound Therapy algorithm cracks your voice code to harmonize your subtle energy field and vibrate away negative thoughts and emotions.

Sound Sleep

“Sleep well wherever you go with Sound + Sleep MINI”

Sound + Sleep features sound stories taken from natural settings including ocean, meadow, waterfall, and white noise! Sleep soundly with *Adaptive Sound Technology that automatically adjusts the volume of your sound story preference to mask disruptive noise.

Digital technology provides richly detailed sound environments designed to help you relax, get to sleep and stay asleep, even with disruptive noise.

Healthy Water

Energised water enhances every single living thing; this includes you and your family as well as animal and plant life!

Town water is abundant with added chemicals including chlorine and fluoride. You can choose to trust that these aren’t harming you, but you can be sure that they’re not helping. “Healthy water means clean, vibrant water returned to its natural energised state. Energised water means safe, chemical neutral water that ensures the health and well-being of you, your family, and your pets – even your garden!” Healthy Water Technologies providing increasing accessibility to delicious, clean, healthy water via revolutionary range of energising health and filtration products. We hope for a future where everyone has access to energised water, no matter who they are or where they may be.

Air Purification and Control

An air purifier or air cleaner removes contaminants from the air in a room

Air filter removes solid particulates such as dust, pollen, mould, and bacteria from the air. Filters containing an absorbent or catalyst such as charcoal (carbon) may also remove odors and gaseous pollutants such as volatile organic compounds or ozone. Air filters are used in applications where air quality is important, notably in building ventilation systems and in engines.

Healthy Air

An air purifier or air cleaner removes contaminants from the air in a room.

The innovative Healthy air technology solves one of the main problems of restaurants, canteens, bistros, cafes, pubs, bars, and hookah rooms – the stagnant smell of food and tobacco, which soaks into furniture, clothes, skin and hair. Besides that, neutralizes harmful airborne substances and allergens such as smut, soot, carbon monoxide, bacteria, mould, mildew, etc.

Indoor air comprehensive cleaning and ionization air-cleaning systems in Wellness Centres and SPAs are the guarantee of valuable recreation experience and high-level comfort for all customers and visitors. Air-cleansers absorb all nuisance odors and neutralize harmful substances, allergens and toxic vaporizations. Purified and ionized indoor air has numerous beneficial effects on human health, fosters body vitality and provides resilience to stress.

Door Communication

Entry into the house without a key

The door lock redefined. Uttsav door communication for the outdoor and indoor station offers a comfortable and safe method for entering buildings. With the three access control modules of transponder, keypad and fingerprint. Settings, such as access rights, can be made directly on the module. Separate key cards are available for the transponder module.

Croma Therapy

To keep the vibrations of the body in a frequency that results in health, welfare and harmony

Chromotherapy / Color Therapy / colorology / cromatherapy, is an alternative medicine method, which is considered pseudoscience. Chromotherapists claim to be able to use light in the form of color to balance “energy” lacking from a person’s body, whether it be on physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental levels. Research has shown it is ineffective.

Color therapy is distinct from other types of light therapy, such as neonatal jaundice treatment and blood irradiation therapy which is a scientifically accepted medical treatment for a number of conditions, and from photobiology, the scientific study of the effects of light on living organisms.

Chromotherapy is regarded by health experts as quackery. Light therapy is a specific treatment approach using high intensity light to treat specific sleep, skin and mood disorders.

Healthy Life

Increase your productivity & Hygienic Sleep

The best color of light depends on your goals. If you want to increase productivity and promote a positive environment, short blue wavelengths are the best. Studies show that using blue light during the day helps prevent or reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, which is particularly beneficial to those who experience seasonal affective disorder.

To support good sleep hygiene, it’s best to limit your exposure to blue light before bed and throughout the night. Scientists found that those who have difficulties falling asleep might benefit from reducing the use of devices that emit blue light at night, such as computers, smartphones, television and tablets. It is also wise to use red night-lights to minimize the interruption to your circadian rhythm if you briefly get up in the middle of the night and require illumination.

By using the right light colors at the right time of day, you’ll boost your body’s ability to remain alert and active when it’s appropriate, and wind down at the end of the day. To learn how to incorporate light therapy in your home or office, browse Nature Bright’s comprehensive, eco-friendly solutions.