M1 LED Strip Mesh
Curtain Outdoor

M1 LED Strip Mesh Curtain

Media Tube is high brightness and easy installation for architectural outdoor solution Available in different lengths , Media Tube customization options include LED color (RGB, warm white, or cold white), and a choice of direct view (Clear type) and diffused-view (Milky type). IP67-rated, UV-resistant and designed to withstand outdoor elements, rendering it a reliable solution for both indoor and outdoor environments.

M1 LED Strip Mesh Curtain Outdoor Installation Instruction

Frame Fixing:Lay the LED tube one by one on the Aluminum Frame, fix the metal strew on frame by screw nut.

Physical Dimension


M1 Mesh LED 20 x 20

Product Specifications Description
Product type Standard brightness(01005) / High brightness (1921/2020)
Physical pixel pitch,vertical, mm 20 mm
Physical pixel pitch,Horizontal, mm 20 mm
Transparency 56%
Brightness, Cd/m2, not less than ≥ 8000 cd/m2
Viewing angle horizontal/vertical Front / 120°
Electric power supply per sq.meters ≤ 520W / m2
Maximum power consumption, kW/m2 520 W / m2
Average operational power consumption, kW/m2 520 W / m2
Brand of chip EPISTAR
Dust protection IP67
Minimum and Maximum viewing distance Mini: 7 m Max: 200 m
Black face, Black body or Black face, white body Black housing
Location of manufacturing unit / Country of origin china

Application Projects M1 LED Strip Curtain


Product Specifications Description
Model M1
LED 1 SMD per pixel
Color Grey Scale 16 bit
Beam Angle (mm) Front/120°
Pitch Range (mm) P16,P20,P25
Housing Color (m) Black/Silver/Aluminum
Lens (mm) No Cover
Unit Weight 0.48kg/m
Certificate ETL , CE, Rohs
Ingress Protection IP67
Operating Temperature -35°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +90°C
Lifespan 80,000 + hours (temperature<50°C)
Chip Brand Cree / Nichia / Epistar
Operating Voltage 36V DC DC Transfer
Power Consumption 12W
Control TTL